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Mike Stevens | May, 17 2012 | 0 Comments

Say you've got an iPod, and you've got a car stereo. Plenty of folks have the former, and, well, it's likely we've all got the latter.

Say you want to plug the one into the other and listen to your favourite tunes on the road. Many new cars offer full integration, allowing you to browse and select music through the car's own interface.

But, what if your carmaker of choice is a little behind the times, or your car predates the trend for iPod connectivity? If you've got a 3.5mm Auxiliary input or an FM add-on, Apple is developing a new device that might be right up your alley.

With either of the above features, you can already hook into your car's audio and select tunes from your iDevice's screen.

Apple, and most authorities on the subject (bless 'em all), would prefer that you keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving. Now, its newly-patented remote control could be just what the doctor ordered.

Connecting to your iDevice wirelessly, the remote is designed to clip onto your steering wheel, with the familiar face of the touch-sensitive controls able to rotate to suit its position on the wheel.

You'll still need to look at the iPhone's display while browsing, but now you'll be doing it without reaching away from the wheel, and skipping tracks can be achieved without looking away from the road.

Although the patent application for the remote control was filed in 2011, it has only recently been granted. Expect to see this one in stores in the near future.

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