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Alfa Romeo’s hotly anticipated Giulia QV continues its development, with the new model recently caught on film undergoing a handling shakedown at the Nurburgring.

Supercar channel Cvdzijden managed to catch the Giulia QV during a handling validation session.

With 380kW of power the Giulia QV trumps the 317kW BMW M3, and just edges out the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, which was recently launched in Australia.

Alfa’s suspension engineers are giving it their all in the clip. Work continues behind the scenes on Alfa Romeo’s sport sedan, despite being shown to the public earlier this year.

With a torque vectoring rear differential the Giulia appears to have little problem getting power down, but a fidgeting front end reveals more work is to come on the double-wishbone front suspension.

The video also gives a few extra sound-bites of the Giulia QV’s Ferrari-tuned 3.0 litre twin turbo V6, without the studio fettling of Alfa’s official video.

There’s no doubt this engine shares little with Alfa’s glorious sounding V6 engines of the past. Instead it adopts a new hard-edge rumble to set enthusiast’s hearts aflutter.

More information about the Giulia range is expected at the coming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Australians can expect the Giulia to reach these shores late in 2016, or early in 2017.

Video Source: Cvdzijden

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