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Alfa Could Introduce Powered-up 4C: Report Photo:
Mike Stevens | May, 06 2014 | 1 Comment

Alfa Romeo is already known to be planning updates to its new 4C sports coupe, and a new interview with CEO Harald Wester suggests a power boost could be among them.

Speaking with industry paper Automotive News, Wester said that the 4C’s chassis has the goods to take more power - and that its 1.75 litre engine has more to give.

"We are only at 134 horsepower per liter, so there is space," Wester told the paper.

In its current form, the 4C’s small four-cylinder turbocharged engine makes 180kW and 350Nm of torque.

Alfa has already been rumoured to have a nearly 200kW ‘Stradale’ version of the 4C in the works, based on an upcoming variant that is planned for track-only work.

In the same interview, Wester confirmed that 4C coupes bound for the US market have been given a number of modifications to meet American design standards.

These include a reinforced and re-tuned suspension package, changes to the carbon fibre monocoque and new front and rear subframes.

The US market 4C is also expected to launch with the recent Spider concept’s more conventional headlight design - although Australian coupe buyers are also expected to get this as an option.

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About the car:

Carbon-fibre and alloy chassis, mid-engined two-door coupe
Weight: 895kg
Engine/transmission: 1750 DOHC turbo four/TCT dual-clutch 6spd auto
Power/torque: 180kW/350Nm
0-100km/h: 4.5 seconds

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