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Holden is set to offer a genuine competitor to the Subaru Outback in 2018.

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer was on show at the 2017 Frankfurt motor, and the Lion brand will offer the high-riding wagon as part of its European-sourced Commodore range.

Called the Commodore Tourer in Australia, it is based on the Commodore/Insignia wagon and gets unique flourishes such as different bumpers, chunkier wheel arches and 20mm of extra ground clearance.

While the European models get four-cylinder engines the Holden will get a V6 petrol engine and nine-speed automatic transmission.

An all-wheel drive set-up - which uses a pair of multi-plate clutches to divide power between the rear wheels - will play into the Tourer's off-road image.

“The next-generation Commodore Tourer gives the range a new level of appeal, combining Australia’s love for SUVs with the practicality of a wagon and the driving appeal of a sedan,” said Holden spokesman, Sean Poppitt at the Tourer’s official unveiling earlier in 2017. “Whether you’re a weekend warrior, or just like the idea of being one, the Commodore Tourer gives our range a new dimension.

“Commodore Tourer comes with a high-tech AWD system and also lets customers select specific driving modes, giving them the flexibility to be able to get off the beaten track – whether that’s finding secluded camp spots, quiet surf beaches or boutiques in Bondi.”

Pricing and specifications for the Commodore Tourer is expected to be announced closer to the car’s launch in Australia in the first quarter of 2018.

Holden's previous Commodore-based high-riding wagon, the Adventra, was based on VY/VZ model and ran from 2003-09.

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