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Audi’s new A8 luxury sedan for 2018 is set to be officially unveiled next month, and the carmaker has kicked off the teaser campaign with a new video.

The clip (bottom of page) shows what is obviously a significant feature for the A8, whereby the key fob can be used to ‘summon park’ the big sedan.

The video uses the demonstration of a sleeping child scooped up by his guardian when they reach home. Not wanting to wake the boy, the A8 owner simply presses a button on the key fob and the A8 parks itself (and locks the doors).

Audi has said nothing about the system yet, so some questions remain. Among those, is whether the system works in a variety of locations, whether it needs to ‘learn’ the owner’s garage at home and if the car can be summoned to emerge from the parking space again using autonomous driving when required.

All will be likely be revealed upon the July launch, and the A8 will also appear in the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie scheduled for release around the same time.

Speaking of reveals, the video also gives potential customers a glimpse of the interior, which shows a four-spoke steering wheel and what looks to be a surprisingly simple digital instrument cluster.

Audi also provides a decent view of the exterior, including the rear, roof and the front end (from a distance - pictured, top of page).

Recent reports suggest Audi will adopt a ‘mild hybrid’ system in its new A8, using a 48-volt electrical system to reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.7 l/100km.

Stay tuned to TMR for more on the 2018 Audi A8.

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