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2017 Renault Koleos Revealed Ahead Of Beijing Unveiling Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Apr, 22 2016 | 1 Comment

“Maxthon” is out and “Koleos” is back in as the name of Renault’s mainstay SUV, with the French automaker confirming that its next-generation family SUV - due to be revealed in just a few days at the Beijing Motor Show - will continue to wear the Koleos nameplate.

European reports suggested Renault would adopt a new name for its new SUV, with Maxthon rumoured to be the front-runner.

After all, with the Beijing-bound SUV expected to be markedly bigger than the current Renault Koleos (below) and slot into the next size category up, a brand-new badge made sense.

But that’s not to be. Koleos is here to stay, and according to Renault that will be the name it will wear in all markets.

The company also says the new Koleos will not only be bigger, but will be a more global car than the Samsung-built vehicle that’s currently on sale in Australia. With worldwide appetites for SUVs showing no signs of slowing, the new Koleos will “play a part in boosting Renault’s international growth”.

Style-wise, there are many design cues borrowed from the Renault Megane and Talisman - the most notable of which being those distinctive hooked headlamp clusters and wide grille with four horizontal bars.

Thanks to a set of spy photos released by a Chinese website (above), we can also see the new Koleos will mimic the Megane and Talisman’s tail lamp treatment as well, with elongated “fingers” that reach almost all the way to the centre of the tailgate.

With an overall length expected to be somewhere in the region of 4700mm, the 2017 Koleos will be roughly 20cm longer than the current model and potentially boast enough interior space for a seven-seat configuration - though that has yet to be confirmed.

Its underpinnings will be based on the Megane’s CMF architecture (which is also used on many other models in the Nissan-Renault Alliance), but will be more closely related to the Nissan X-Trail.

Its engine lineup will likely be similar to that of the Megane.

We’ll have more detail once the Koleos makes its official debut in Beijing next week.

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