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TMR Team | Mar, 13 2017 | 0 Comments

Track day fans in Australia can finally secure themselves one of the finest tools for the job - the 2017 KTM X-Bow.

Nine years after the carbon-fibre lightweight weapon went into production, Simply Sports Cars (Australian distributor for Lotus) will now sell you a X-Bow (said "Cross-Bow", if you didn't already know) having sorted all of the paperwork.

For $169,900 plus on-road costs, buyers receive a car with no windscreen, no radio, no airbags, no back seats, no traction control, no anti-lock brakes and no electronic stability control.

Instead, you'll get a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission similar to that found in Audi's S3, sending 220kW and 420Nm to the rear wheels though a limited-slip differential. Fuel use, if it matters, is rated at 8.3 l/100km.

To make the X-Bow go around corners, features include a carbon-fibre chassis built by race specialists Dallara, along with powerful Brembo brakes, sticky Michelin tyres and track-ready aerodynamics with a flat-bottomed floor.

Without pesky luxuries weighing it down, the X-Bow weighs just 790 kilograms, and can dart to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds, on to a top speed of 231km/h.

Simply Sports Cars says the machine is ideal for road and circuit use, and that it has a variety of activities including road trips, track days and driver training events planned for its customers. The first five people to buy one will join the importers on a trip to Austria, visiting KTM's factory and test track.

And beyond those five, only 20 more will be able to secure a X-Bow in 2017, with sales limited to 25 examples per year in Australia.

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