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Mike Stevens | Jun, 01 2015 | 4 Comments

Volkswagen’s popular Golf range is due for an update in near future, packed with new infotainment tech and a refreshed look.

The German giant has yet to confirm timing, although reports suggest a mid- to late-2016 debut is on the cards.

Official details on the revised range are still to come, but these speculative renderings might be on the money for the next Golf.

Crafted by independent artist Remco Meulendijk, these images draw on design themes inspired by the all-new Passat, the Golf’s big brother.

Up front, the new model will likely feature lightly re-sculpted headlights - the clearest connection to the new Passat - along with a new three-bar grille and an updated bumper design.

The updated Golf is unlikely to see any significant changes through the profile, although, as the above rendering suggests, we can likely expect a subtle update to the tail lamps.

Meulendijk has also crafted a potential preview of the updated GTI hatch, wearing the same updated headlights and a taller mesh grille with that familiar red pin stripe.

He also speculates on an updated bumper with new aero and lighting components taken directly from the recent Golf GTI Clubsport Edition concept.

That rendering could hold even more significance, with Volkswagen expected to introduce a special Edition 40 version of the GTI next year, with tweaked looks and more power to celebrate the model’s 40th birthday.

On the technology front, Volkswagen has confirmed the updated Golf will debut with a new gesture-based infotainment system that will incorporate larger screens and fewer physical buttons in the dash.

New and updated engines are also expected, although the company has yet to reveal details on that front.

Enough of the speculation: watch for details on the revised Golf range to come in the months ahead.

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