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2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet Spied Testing Photo:
2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_01 Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_01 Photo: tmr
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2014_mercedes_benz_c_class_cabriolet_spy_photos_04 Photo: tmr
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2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_04 Photo: tmr
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2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_07 Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_00b Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_18 Photo: tmr
2014_mercedes_benz_c_class_cabriolet_spy_photos_02 Photo: tmr
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2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_03 Photo: tmr
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2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_03 Photo: tmr
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2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_06 Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_00a Photo: tmr
2014_mercedes_benz_c_class_cabriolet_spy_photos_01a Photo: tmr
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2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_04c Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_02 Photo: tmr
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2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_00a Photo: tmr
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2014_mercedes_benz_c_class_cabriolet_spy_photos_01 Photo: tmr
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2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_04a Photo: tmr
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2014_mercedes_benz_c_class_cabriolet_spy_photos_03 Photo: tmr
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2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_04b Photo: tmr
2013_mercedes_benz_c_class_sedan_spy_photos_10 Photo: tmr
2012_mercedes_benz_c_class_coupe_australia_08 Photo: tmr
Malcolm Flynn | Apr, 12 2013 | 1 Comment

Mercedes-Benz has commenced public-road testing of its upcoming C-Class Cabriolet, before its expected launch in 2015.

TMR’s spies have captured the first images of the new model testing in Germany, and the pictured mules are still heavily shrouded in disguise cladding with cobbled-together taillight units.

Like the new sedan sighted previously, the new cabriolet looks to have grown in length over the existing C-Class, to offer similar accommodation to the already-longer Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and Lexus IS models.

The new cabriolet’s exterior design is expected to be contemporary Mercedes, but the window and roofline of these mules appears to emulate classic Mercedes open-top models from the 1920s and 30s.

A soft folding roof also looks to be hiding beneath the pictured hard disguise shell, enabling significant weight and cost savings over the folding hardtop alternative.

To compensate for the soft-top’s resulting C-pillar blind spot, the mules pictured feature door-mounted wing mirrors, unlike the A-pillar mounted units spotted on sedan mules.

The C-Class Cabriolet is set to follow a year after the all-new C-Class sedan and estate bodystyles’ 2014 arrival, and likely to launch at the same time as the hardtop coupe variant.

All new C-Class bodystyles will sit on the smallest incarnation of Mercedes’ new Modular Rear-wheel Architecture (MRA), which will make its production debut beneath the 2014 S-Class flagship sedan.

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