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2016 Infiniti Q50 To Get 'Old Fashioned' Hydraulic Power Steering: Report Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Sep, 02 2014 | 1 Comment

Infiniti is reportedly planning an "update" for its new Q50 range that will see the hydraulic power steering from the older G37 retrofitted.

According to a report with American magazine Car & Driver, the move is a response to negative feedback from buyers and the media alike.

Speaking with the magazine, Infiniti product boss Keith St. Clair acknowledged that the Q50's steering setup - both in base hydraulic and in electrically-augmented Direct Active Steer (DAS) form - has been found lacking.

“Some members of the enthusiast community, including the media, suggested the car could benefit with enhanced steering feel, as in more engagement similar to the former G Sedan Sport,” St. Clair said.

According to St. Clair, work has already begun on retrofitting the G37's fully hydraulic power steering rack (itself derived from that of the Nissan 370Z) to the Q50, and the changes will likely be applied to 2016 Q50 models.

For now, it appears that only US-market Q50S models without the Direct Active Steer system will receive the change, with DAS expected to continue as an option in that market.

In Australia though, DAS is standard on S and S Premium models. Only the base Q50 GT 2.2 diesel gets hydraulic power steering.

When asked whether the steering changes would make their way onto Australian-delivered models, Infiniti Australia spokesman Peter Fadeyev said that a decision had yet to be made.

"Infiniti is presently looking at a number of potential new features for the Q50," he said to TMR.

"This includes a possible change to the hydraulic power steering on some Q50 models. This is independent of Infiniti’s revolutionary Direct Assist Steering (aka “steer-by-wire”) which is also offered on certain Q50 models.

"However, no decision about specific lifecycle measures has been taken."

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