2016 Fiat 500X Abarth Rendered Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Oct, 10 2014 | 2 Comments

Fiat’s 500X compact SUV, revealed in Paris this month, could be just what the company’s tuning arm Abarth needs for an expanded role.

With the Abarth brand largely focused on performance tunes of the tiny 500, the 500X presents a new opportunity for the famed badge that has been associated with Fiat since the early 50s.

These new renderings, crafted by independent Hungarian artist X-Tomi, offers a look at what we might expect if Abarth turns its attention to a hotted-up 500X hero.

The tweaks here are minimal - limited for the most part to a lowered ride height and those familiar multi-spoke wheels - but it does fit the part.

Motivation for the powered-up 500X, which already features a 137kW 2.4 turbo petrol engine in its range, could conceivably come from the 157kW version of the same engien that appeared in 2012’s special Mopar-enhanced Dodge Dart GTS 210.

But, with that special version of the Dart still no closer to a showroom debut, it remains to be seen if Fiat Chrysler has any plans for the enhanced powertrain to be put into production.

Still, a practical and sports-tuned 157kW SUV companion to the already brilliant Abarth 500 hatch? That could win some friends.

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