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Trevor Collett | Feb, 23 2016 | 0 Comments

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has awarded Audi’s all-new 2016 A4 the maximum 5-stars for safety during the latest round of testing.

ANCAP praised the A4 for its list of safety features, with the new midsizer's designers paying particular attention to vulnerable road users.

“The A4 performed well in crash testing and it features a long list of safety equipment that customers in this segment expect as standard, including three types of autonomous braking - City, Interurban and Vulnerable Road User,” ANCAP CEO James Goodwin said.

“The Audi is also fitted with impressive technology known as “Exit Warning” which scans the road or footpath and warns the occupants of the car of approaching traffic, such as cars and cyclists, and lets people know when it’s safe to open the door.”

Mr Goodwin said the ‘Exit Warning’ feature was a new inclusion for ANCAP’s data sheets, and that the Program was optimistic that it could lead to greater levels of cyclist safety.

2016 Audi A4
2016 Audi A4

Any cyclist riding through city streets fears “dooring” - where a driver or passenger fails to notice an approaching cyclist and opens their car door into the cyclist’s path.

If the braking time for the cyclist is insufficient, the resulting collision can lead to injuries and time off the road for the cyclist. ‘Exit Warning’ aims to prevent ‘dooring’ incidents in the A4.

The A4 also features an active bonnet, which aims to reduce injuries to pedestrians struck in a frontal collision. While the bonnet helped the A4 achieve a pedestrian safety rating of ‘acceptable’ (scoring 27 points out of 36), ANCAP hoped future models could raise the rating to ‘good’.

The 5-star rating applies to all 2016 Audi A4 models arriving in Australia and New Zealand from this month, powered by four-cylinder engines. The A4 was tested by ANCAP's sister Program in Europe, Euro NCAP.

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