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Mike Stevens | Aug, 20 2014 | 3 Comments

Mazda Australia has confirmed this week what has long been speculated: our new Mazda2 will be sourced from Thailand.

The current model - due to be replaced in October - was sourced from Japan for all but one of its seven years on the Australian market.

That anomalous year, 2010, saw production move briefly to Thailand with production taking place in the same AET facility that builds the large BT-50 pickup.

“As always,” Mazda Australia’s Steven Maciver told TMR in Japan this week, buyers should not expect anything less than the quality expected of any model produced in Japan.

“It’s a simple thing. The Thailand plant benefits from the same level of oversight and quality control that is exercised at any Mazda plant, including in Japan,” Mr Maciver said.

“It’s long-standing veterans of the Mazda engineering and manufacturing departments in Japan that have established and managed the AET facility [in Thailand].

“BT-50 is built in the same plant, and we are extremely satisfied with the quality of that product,” he added.

Mr Maciver said that the Thailand plant is equipped with the same level of technologies, and its workers trained to the same standards, as Mazda’s Japanese facilities.

The new Mazda2 will make its Australian debut in October.

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