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Mike Stevens | Aug, 21 2014 | 21 Comments

Mazda Australia will take just two of the four engines available to the Mazda2 when it makes its Australian debut in October.

Across the global range, depending on the market, the new Mazda2 can be had with two 1.5 litre petrol engines, a new 1.5 diesel, and a smaller 1.3 litre petrol unit.

In Australia, we'll see only the 1.5 petrol options, with the slightly more powerful and advanced of the two powering the top models in the range.

This is due not to the new model's Thai production schedule, but rather it is the result of heavy consideration of Australian market expectations.

Speaking with TMR in Japan this week, Mazda Australia's Steven Maciver said that the business case simply did not add up for the other engines.

"We looked at all options closely, as we always do, but it didn't make sense to bring in the new diesel engine," Mr Maciver said.

"The 1.5 litre engines are already quite efficient, and for a market like Australia there just isn't enough of a fuel advantage with the diesel to justify bringing it in."

Fuel figures for the new petrol engines have not been revealed, but Mazda says that depending on the model, savings of up to 25 percent have been achieved.

In its current form, the outgoing Mazda2 lists fuel use at between 6.4 l/100km and 6.8 l/100km. Its five-speed manual and four-speed auto transmissions will be replaced by six-speed units with the new Mazda2.

Mr Maciver added that, combined with the premium that diesel engines generally add to the price of a new car, such a model in the Mazda2 range would be unlikely to achieve significant sales numbers.

Likewise, the decision to leave the 1.3 option on the shelf was driven by market factors.

"We've always focused on the more powerful engines available to us," Mr Maciver said, adding that while buyers expect low fuel consumption, "there's a general preference for more powerful options".

The company is not averse, however, to introducing the diesel or smaller petrol options down the line.

"We watch the market, of course, and if we see significant demand for either of those options then of course we will review it again," Mr Maciver said.

"But at this stage, I don't see it happening," he added.

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