2015 Mazda MX-5: 1.5 And 2.0 Petrol Engines Coming To Australia Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Nov, 20 2014 | 13 Comments

Mazda has at last made official what fans have known for months: the new 2015 MX-5 will be offered not only with the previously announced 1.5 petrol engine, but also a larger 2.0 litre unit.

Both are now confirmed for Australia, making our market unique in the world as the only one to be offered the two powertrains together.

Details are still to come, but Australia is likely to see the smaller unit enter as a new sub-$40k price leader that will focus more on stylish cruising than all-out performance.

Outputs for both engines are still to be confirmed, but the 1.5 litre mill - which also features in the new Mazda2 hatch - is expected to produce between 95 and 100kW in the MX-5.

That will position the entry-level ‘ND’ MX-5 powertrain well behind the 118kW/188Nm figures of the outgoing ‘NC’ MX-5, but that’s where the 2.0 litre engine comes in.

Again, figures for the more powerful version of the new MX-5 are still to be confirmed, but outputs in the realm of 120kW are expected.

Performance will also be helped by the new MX-5’s lighter kerb weight, which is expected - yes, another yet-unconfirmed detail - to come in at a low 1020kg.

That’s quite the saving, considering the manual-equipped NC MX-5 Roadster Coupe weighs in at an already light 1167kg.

First-drive reviews of the new MX-5 will come early in 2015, with an Australian market launch scheduled to occur around this time next year.

Click below for TMR’s extensive ongoing coverage of the new MX-5.

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