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Malcolm Flynn | Sep, 26 2012 | 5 Comments

UPDATE: 2014 Golf GTI Revealed. Click here for latest news.

Volkswagen will offer a new ‘Performance Pack’ option for the next Golf GTI, according to a new report.

US mag Car & Driver suggests the option will include a lightly massaged 164kW engine and a true limited slip differential.

The report adds that the standard GTI will continue with a version of the current 2.0 litre turbocharged mill, along with its brake-based XDS pseudo LSD.

Previous reports have suggested the power upgrade will come standard with the new GTI, but Volkswagen's light new MQB architecture promises performance gains over the current model without any power hike.

We can expect the current model’s 6.9 second 0-100km acceleration firgure to be reduced by the basic GTI, with the performance pack slashing this figure even further.

Transmission options are expected to continue with six-speed H-pattern and DSG auto options, with the latter possibly being offered with seven ratios for the first time.

The new Golf GTI is expected to make its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with an Australian debut before the end of 2013.

Car And Driver suggests the new option pack will not be available on US models, but it remains to be seen if Australian buyers will be given the option.

UPDATE: 2014 Golf GTI Revealed. Click here for latest news.

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