2014 Red Dot Design Awards: Kia Soul, Hyundai Genesis, i10 And Mazda3 Photo:
2014_hyundai_i10_05 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_04b_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_09_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_13 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_13 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_18 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_i10_03 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_03 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_02_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_11 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_16 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_04_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_02_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_08_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_09 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_15 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_i10_01_1 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_02 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_07_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_19 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_21 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_06 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_07 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_08_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_04_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_07_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_08 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_14 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_i10_02 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_04 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_06_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_17 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_14 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_05 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_02a_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_03_1 Photo: tmr
2014 Hyundai Genesis - Overseas Photo:
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_03 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_09 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_i10_04 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_10_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_16 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_10 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_20 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_01 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_03_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_22 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_07 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_11 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_05_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_i10_06 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_04a_1 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_06_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_15 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_08 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_10 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_06 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_01_hatch_01_1 Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_19a Photo: tmr
2014_hyundai_genesis_sedan_overseas_04 Photo: tmr
2014_kia_soul_12 Photo: tmr
2014_mazda3_australia_02_sedan_01_1 Photo: tmr
Trevor Collett | Mar, 26 2014 | 4 Comments

Kia, Hyundai and Mazda have all claimed gongs from the 2014 Red Dot Awards, out of 4815 entries from 53 countries.

For Kia, its all-new Soul picked up a Red Dot ‘Product Design’ award to add to the ‘iF design’ award it has already received, following on from the first generation Soul's Red Dot award in 2009.

The 2014 Soul was born under the guidance of Kia’s design chief, Peter Schreyer, and the original Soul was the first Korean car to bring home a Red Dot award.

Hyundai picked up two Red Dot awards, with its all-new Genesis (heading to Australia soon) and its sub-light i10 (not offered in Australia) both impressing the panel of 40 independent judges from all over the world.

The all-new Mazda3 was another Red Dot award winner, although Mazda is also eyeing-off the 2014 World Car Of The Year award, which is set to be announced at the New York Auto Show.

The Mazda3 follows in the footsteps of its larger Mazda6 sibling, which picked up a Red Dot award last year.

“The Red Dot Awards give design professionals from all over the world a chance to measure themselves against each other,” Red Dot CEO, Professor Dr Peter Zec, said.

“Year after year, this results in a higher level of design and also motivates the participants to enter their best products in the competition.”

The judging panel considers everything from functionality and durability to quality and ecological compatibility.

A glamorous ceremony for the 2014 Red Dot Awards, Best Of The Best, will take place on July 7 at Essen’s Aalto-Theater.

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