2014 Mercedes S-Class Cabin Revealed Photo:
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TMR Team | Mar, 19 2013 | 2 Comments

The teaser train for the new S-Class is building steam this week with new photos that reveal, for the first time, the new model's luxurious interior.

Described as "The Essence of Luxury", the cabin of the new S showcases materials and technologies light years ahead of its predecessor - and the rest of the existing Mercedes-Benz line-up.

And so it must; with the retirement of its unloved Maybach brand, Mercedes parent Daimler must look to the new S-Class to retain customers tempted by the next-level-up Bentley and Rolls-Royce badges.

Combined with hand-crafted and bespoke styling features, the cabin of the new S-Class will wrap buyers in new safety and comfort technologies.

Among them, a new autonomous steering system that will - in certain situations - allow the driver to become a passenger, surrendering control to the car's computer.

On the comfort side, you'll find a new 'Energising' massage system in the seats, with 14 individually actuated and heated/cooled air cushions in the back rest.

Door armrests and panels will also be heated if the Warmth Comfort package is optioned, which also includes - of course - a heated steering wheel.

Mercedes also promises a top-shelf Burmester audio system with an all-digital 12.3 inch high-resolution dual-view display in the dash, along with an advanced dual-zone Air-Balance cooling and heating system.

Watch for more details on the new S-Class to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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