2014 Hyundai i40: Price And Features For Updated Sedan And Wagon Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jan, 07 2014 | 7 Comments

Hyundai has introduced a pair of key new technologies for its i40 sedan and i40 Tourer wagon models, with 2014 models on sale in Australia now.

Headlining the upgrades is the new Drive Mode Select system, offering modes that adjust transmission and steering settings depending on the driver's requirements. The system is standard across the range.

The options include ‘Normal’ for daily driving, ‘Eco’ for reprogrammed transmission shift points for optimum fuel economy, and ‘Sports’, which delays transmission shift points and reduces steering assistance.

Joining Drive Mode Select is a new Smart Tailgate function for the i40 Tourer Premium trim grade. This system works by sensing the presence of the i40's proximity smartkey near the rear bumper (in a 50-100cm sensor space), automatically opening the tailgate after three seconds.

When the system activates, an alert is sounded and the hazard lights will flash to warn that the tailgate is open.

The system is a new feature for Hyundai, and follows the likes of Ford's hands-free tailgate, which opens with a wave of the foot past a special sensor in the underside of the rear bumper.

Other updates for 2014 include a new 'shark fin' antenna for i40 Tourer Elite and Premium models, along with new 17- and 18-inch alloy wheel designs.

Features already standard to the i40 range include Smart Parking Assist and Lane Departure Warning & Assist.

Pricing for 2014 remains unchanged.


Pricing (excludes on-road costs)


  • Active 2.0 petrol - manual - $29,990
  • Active 2.0 petrol - auto - $31,990
  • Active 1.7 diesel - manual - $32,590
  • Active 1.7 diesel - auto - $34,590
  • Elite 2.0 petrol - auto - $36,990
  • Elite 1.7 diesel - auto - $39,590
  • Premium 2.0 petrol - auto - $42,990
  • Premium 1.7 diesel - auto - $47,590


  • Active 2.0 petrol - manual - $31,990
  • Active 2.0 petrol - auto - $33,990
  • Active 1.7 diesel - manual - $34,590
  • Active 1.7 diesel - auto - $36,590
  • Elite 2.0 petrol - auto - $38,990
  • Elite 1.7 diesel - auto - $41,590
  • Premium 2.0 petrol - auto - $44,990
  • Premium 1.7 diesel - auto - $47,590

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