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2014 BMW M3 And M4 Details Confirmed: 316kW Turbo Six On-Board Photo:
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2014_bmw_m3_m4_tech_details_04 Photo: tmr
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2014 BMW M3 Sedan And M4 Coupe - Tech Details Photo:
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2013_bmw_m4_coupe_concept_05 Photo: tmr
2013_bmw_m4_coupe_concept_07 Photo: tmr
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BMW has revealed key technical details of its upcoming M3 sedan and M4 coupe this week, ahead of a debut scheduled to occur in the coming months.

And, surprising no-one, the truth has lived up to the hype, with BMW confirming that both models will be motivated by a turbocharged 3.0 litre six-cylinder engine.

Replacing the 309kW/400Nm 4.0 litre V8 of the outgoing M3 models, the turbo six will offer fans "approximately" 316kW (430PS/424hp), and "well over" 500Nm of torque.

Acceleration figures haven't been released, although BMW promises the turbo engine's maximum torque is available "over a very wide rev band", with a 7500rpm redline.

Whatever the final performance figures prove to be, they'll be helped by a lighter kerb weight, now claimed to have slipped below 1500kg for the M4 coupe. That means a reduction of around 80kg.

Exact numbers have not been revealed, but BMW says it has shaved 12kg in the transmission, and around 5kg from the wheel carriers and axle subframes.

Both models will feature a carbon-fibre reinforced plastic roof - a feature previously kept to the coupe model.

All of this, BMW says, adds up to a nearly 50:50 weight distribution in both bodystyles.

Importantly, the carmaker has also confirmed that both models will be available with six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch auto transmissions, quashing fears of a switch to an auto-only formula.

There's throttle-blipping rev-matching for the manual now, too.

Elsewhere in the spec sheet, you'll find a dry sump oiling system to keep the transmission sorted, along with a boatload of coolers for the turbocharger and gearbox.

There's also BMW's Active M Differential, with an electric actuator replacing the mechanical setup of the previous models. BMW promises improved traction under load, and reduced understeer out of corners.

Steering assist is also electric, with Comfort, Sport and Sport+ models, complementing the settings of the Adaptive M suspension package.

Both models get lightweight compound brakes as standard, but of course there's an M carbon-ceramic package also available.

Lastly, aerodynamics are also improved, with both M3 and M4 models getting - as you'd expect - unique bumpers and panels and a smooth underbody.

There's Air Curtains and 'M Gills' for aiding airflow around the front wheel wheels, and even sculpted door mirrors to further reduce drag.

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