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Malcolm Flynn | Feb, 04 2013 | 0 Comments

Volkswagen has announced several upgrades for its 2013 model-year commercial range, with new standard features on selected Amarok models, and new variants added to the Caddy Maxi Van line-up.

All mid-spec Amarok Highline models are now fitted with front and rear parking sensors as standard, and leather trim becomes an option for the first time.

Similarly, the top-tier Ultimate models now feature automatic headlights and wipers (an option on all other Amarok models via the ‘Lights and Vision’ package).

Up the back, all 2013 Amarok trayback variants are fitted with a new ‘comfort closing’ spring-loaded tailgate hinge, reducing the effort required to close the Amarok’s tailgate.

Power-wise, the TDI340 and TDI400 Amarok models gain a power hike from 90 to 103kW and 120 to 132kW respectively. Torque figures remain at the 'badged' 340Nm and 400Nm levels.

As for the option of an automatic transmission option with 4x2 models, Volkswagen Commercial product boss Ben Wilks has confirmed with TMR that there are no current plans due to a lack of demand.

Note: 2012 model shown.


Caddy Crewvan

For the smaller Caddy Van, Volkswagen has added a new five-seat Crewvan option to the existing long-wheelbase Maxi Van commercial lineup, offering an option to buyers who need to transport more than just two occupants.

The Crewvan comes with a three seat rear bench which can be folded forward or removed altogether, permitting rear storage capacity between 1.6 and 4.1 cubic meters.

Drivetrain choice for the Crewvan is limited to the 75kW/250Nm TDI250 turbodiesel, but both five-speed manual and seven-speed DSG auto options remain.

Ruggedness is maintained with the use of the standard Maxi Van’s rubber flooring, while the standard Maxi Van TDI250’s payload drops from 850kg to 709kg for the manual, and 691kg for the DSG auto.

Barn-style rear doors remain the default option with the Crewvan, but a single-piece tailgate is available at no extra cost.

Other additional features include fixed rear side windows and sliding drawers beneath each front seat.

Pricing for the Crewvan is just $1500 more than equivalent TDI250 Maxi Van models, with the five-speed manual carrying a list price of $29,490, and $32,490 for the DSG auto.


Caddy Maxi Van TDI250 BlueMotion

From the second quarter of this year, the TDI250 manual Maxi Van will be equipped with BlueMotion efficiency technology with no change to the existing model’s $27,990 list price.

The addition of BlueMotion regenerative braking and stop/start functions will reduce the TDI250 five-speed manual’s official fuel consumption by 0.6l/100km to 5.2l/100km.

All other specifications will remain the same, including the 75kW/250Nm outputs for the TDI250’s 1.6 litre turbodiesel engine.

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