2013 Honda CR-Z Update Teased Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 07 2012 | 0 Comments

Honda's home office has released a trio of teaser photos for a coming update to its CR-Z hybrid sports car range, just two years on from its global launch.

The only telling feature of the three teaser images is the appearance of a new button marked S+, suggesting Honda has prepared a performance enhancement for the CR-Z.

Exactly what the S+ function will offer is unclear. The current CRZ has a 'sport mode' setting that sharpens steering, suspension and throttle response.

The S+ perhaps suggests there will be more on offer for keen drivers than the current modestly-powered CRZ can manage.

Could there be a significant power boost on the cards? A special Mugen-tuned UK-market version of the car offers greater power through the use of a supercharger. We can only hope.

In supercharged trim, the Mugen CR-Z iCF squeezes 128kW out of the little sports hatch - up from 84kW - cutting the 0-100km/h time to the low six-second region.

Whether Honda would embrace this option in the regular CR-Z line-up remains to be seen. With only a few weeks until the update's unveiling, all will be known soon enough.

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