2011 Mazda2 Update Announced For Australia, Production Returns To Japan Photo:
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2010_mazda2_sedan_and_hatch_road_test_review_02 Photo: tmr
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2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_05 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_hatch_road_test_review_04 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_update_04 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_genki_hatch_road_test_review_05 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_09 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_sedan_road_test_review_02 Photo: tmr
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2010_mazda2_maxx_sedan_road_test_review_08 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_04 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_hatch_road_test_review_02 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_update_01 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_07 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_sedan_road_test_review_01 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_genki_hatch_road_test_review_02 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_genki_hatch_road_test_review_09 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_sedan_and_hatch_road_test_review_04 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_sedan_road_test_review_06 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_03 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_hatch_road_test_review_01 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_update_03 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_08 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_hatch_road_test_review_06 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_genki_hatch_road_test_review_04 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_genki_hatch_road_test_review_07 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_sedan_and_hatch_road_test_review_03 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_maxx_sedan_road_test_review_05 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_neo_hatch_road_test_review_01 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_genki_hatch_road_test_review_13 Photo: tmr
2010_mazda2_update_05 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Jan, 25 2011 | 2 Comments

Mazda Australia has today announced a range of updates for the 2011 Mazda2 Hatch and Sedan range. This accompanies news that Mazda Japan is working on developing an electrified version of the popular 2.

On sale this month, the updated Mazda2 range arrives as the brand looks to increase sales in the light-car segment beyond the 10.9 percent growth seen since the Mazda2's last update in May last year.

While the Mazda2 and Mazda3 are expected to benefit from the addition of Mazda's new SkyActiv engines and transmissions later this year, this latest update is aimed at giving the model a refresh, inside and out.

The entry-level Mazda2 Neo gains a new 15-inch steel wheel design, along with body-coloured door handles, along with new seat trim and piano black highlights inside.

In the middle of the range is the Mazda2 Maxx, which also benefits from new seat trim and piano black highlights.

Both the Neo and Maxx variants also gain two new exterior colours: Aquatic Blue and Burgundy Red.

For now, the top-shelf Genki remains unchanged, with its updates expected to come with the SkyActiv updates later this year.

The 2011 Mazda2 line-up continues to utilise the current 76kW 1.5 litre petrol engine, with fuel consumption listed at 6.4 l/100km.


Production Returns To Japan

Just over a year since it was announced that the Australian-delivered Mazda2 would be sourced from Thailand, Mazda has today confirmed that production of the 2011 Mazda2 will return to the company's Hiroshima plant in Japan.

The move has been attributed to growing demand for the Mazda2 in Thailand and other neighbouring markets.

“With the increasing demand for Mazda2, securing supply was extremely important. Now that production of Australian-bound Mazda2s has moved back to Hiroshima we can be sure of fulfilling customer demand and maintaining momentum in the light car segment," Mazda Australia MD Doug Dickson said.


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