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Steane Klose | Aug, 07 2007 | 0 Comments

The pending sale by Ford of its Jaguar and Land Rover (PAG) Premium Auto Group brands has attracted the interest of some interesting parties. Want to know who has thrown their hat into the ring? Read on…

Not letting the fact that Jaguar has been bleeding pounds sterling like a stuck pig get in the way of a good deal, the following parties have indicated their interest to Ford about purchasing the Jaguar Landrover group:

• Tata Group, an Indian automaker and conglomerate.

• Mahindra & Mahindra, another Indian automaker.

• Fiat group, which already owns Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

• Cerberus Capital Management, which now owns 80.1 percent of Chrysler.

• One Equity Partners- Jacques Nasser, former CEO of Ford Motor is a MD.

• Ripplewood Hldgs- Tom Stallkamp,former president of Chrysler is a partner.

• Texas Pacific Group, another private equity firm.

It’s probably best for the Jaguar Landrover Group if the previous heads of toppling empires Nasser and Stallkamp keep their distance. Fiat seem to have a good handle on building cars these days and they would be my pick for the new custodians of the name-plates. Unfortunately, I don’t get to choose.

The smart money is on one of the Indian firms being the successful bidder for the iconic brands that were once right proper English, which would be rather a turn-around for English colonialism.


Source: Automotive News

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