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Mike Stevens | Jun, 24 2008 | 12 Comments

Welcome, folks, to the new TMR. There are no prizes, no giveaways, no holidays to the south of France where a charming maid in a black leather bodice awaits. Which I suppose is probably a good thing for our lady readers. And their husbands.

Alas, no, there's none of that. There's just the new TMR. But that's okay, because what lies ahead are a whole bunch of years, and the opportunities and possibilities for us at The Motor Report and for you our readers, are nigh on endless. We probably won't be giving away any Ferraris though. Click through to continue reading--

TMR's come a long way since its humble beginnings nearly 13 months ago. Steane's wee lil' news site started out as Car Update, but realising how horribly boring and uninspiring names like that are, Car Update rolled a fat coccoon and?like the ultimate hybrid car the likes of which may never exist on this planet?emerged as The Motor Report. After putting in the hard yards and turning TMR into a genuine contender, Steane focused 2008's efforts on taking the next step. With this in mind, he brought in a couple of hard-hitters in the form of the international casanova The Insider, and some clown (along with his coloured pencils) named Mike Stevens.

So what lies ahead? Well, the most important one for many of you will be the roadtests. There'll be lots of those. Slow and steady to begin with?keep an eye out for our FG XR6 Turbo review and test this week?before building into a regular gig over the coming months. We've got our talented columnists of course, and the regular political intrigue and controversy brought to you by The Insider.

Not enough? That'd be right. There'll be contests. Giveaways. Events, for the lucky few. Reader-invited roadtests, if we can rig it. Big burly blokes wielding cricket bats covered in tetanus-infected nails lobbing up at your door on Sunday morning with a basket of scones and a thermos of chai tea. And really, you have to ask yourself: How the hell will you respond to that?

So stay tuned, folks. Stick around. If you notice any problems, we've probably noticed 'em too?but tell us anyway. There'll be some teething problems, but we'll make it through. Together. It's you an' us, pal.

Enjoy the new TMR. Tell your friends. Tell your mum, the next time we roadtest a Corolla. Warn her though; it'll probably be the manual tranny.

Now, forgive us?Mike's yelling something about maids at the front door, so we must run.


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