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Webber Rips It Up One Last Time In The FPV F6 Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 31 2009 | 1 Comment

Apparently Mark Webber has been missing the days of driving for the now defunct Jaguar F1 team with its Ford-sourced engines.

Thanks to the fact that Jaguar was owned by Ford at the time, Mark spent part of his time in Australia punting around in Ford Australia’s best performance offerings.

This week, before heading to Kuala Lumpur for this coming weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, FPV snuck a set of keys to the 310kW FPV F6 into Mark’s hands for a quick spin.

"What a great car ... this is what I miss in Europe ... awesome Aussie muscle cars," Webber said.

Of course, these days Mark drives for the Renault-powered Red Bull Racing, which purchased Jaguar Racing in 2004.

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