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Steane Klose | Aug, 17 2007 | 0 Comments

The latest addition to the rumour mill is that Porsche are warming up to reveal a smaller hot hatch to contend with the likes of BMW’s 1 Series and Audis S3. Porsche’s stake in Volkswagen, no doubt allows it access to the VW parts bin making development of a car like this possible.

The hot hatch will be the latest addition to Porsches ever increasing family of convertibles, coupes, four-wheel drives and the as yet unreleased four-door Panamera saloon.

Ten years ago, this extended family of models would have been the last thing you would have expected from the German performance car manufacturer!

Expect the Porsche hatch to use a front mounted Cayman/Boxster engine that will punch out about 220Kw (300hp) through an all new four wheel drive system, production is rumoured to begin in 2009.

The image is courtesy of Motor Authority and we recommend you check out the full picture and article by following the link – little porker.


In other unsubstantiated news, there are whispers that Lamborghini are purportedly showing a $1,500,000 US mega-super car to a ‘select’ few at this weeks Pebble Beach Concours de’Elegance in the US.


Based on the LP640 Murcielago (pictured) and inspired by the ‘Raptor’ attack Fighter Jet, it is speculated that the car will be displayed in Jet fighter Grey with an army green cockpit style cabin. If this is by any means true (please, please, please!!!) expect the official unveiling at Frankfurt next month.


[Lamborghini story Source: The German Car Blog]

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