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Trevor Collett | Aug, 10 2016 | 0 Comments

Volkswagen has given its fleet of commercial and passenger vans a going-over for the 2017 model-year with technological improvements and price changes for some models.

Transporter models, both commercials and the Multivan people-mover, along with Crafter, Caravelle and Caddy vans are all included in the update.

Improvements include a standard electronic opening and closing tailgate for Multivan Executive and Highline variants along with new exterior colours for the Caddy.

The biggest changes can be seen on the inside, however, with improved USB connectivity for Apple product users, and audio system upgrade with App Connect and Climatronic air-conditioning with anti-allergen filter.

“Our vans and people-movers remain the choice for owners and operators seeking premium quality and car-like driving experience,” Volkswagen’s Carlos Santos said.

“Caddy, Transporter and Crafter have 79 variants between van, crewvan and cab chassis form. To these, add 10 purely passenger variants across the combined Caddy people-movers, Multivan and Caravelle ranges and you have an extremely diverse range of vehicles that can’t be beaten on value.”

“Other brands might offer cheaper white tin entrants, but when you get into the meat of the ranges - the vehicles that people who have to drive them really want - we win both on sticker price and equipment.”

The carmaker is further singing the praises of its van range along with the Amarok pickup off the back of record sales in Australia.

The previous-best 8272 sales-tally for the year-to-date has currently been bettered to the tune of 230 units (at the end of July).

Volkswagen’s special edition 'Runner' models continue to form part of the Transporter and Crafter van ranges, which include drive-away pricing. Selected Caravelle, Multivan and Caddy models are also currently offered by Volkswagen with drive-away pricing.

Upper and lower price-ranges for Volkswagen's 2017 vans are listed below, including both increases and decreases for pricing on some models.

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Pricing (excluding on-road costs)


  • Caddy (commercial and passenger models) - from $28,190-$37,990
  • Transporter (including Crewvan) - from $37,990-$50,090
  • Crafter - from $45,500-$63,150
  • Multivan - from $49,990-$82,490
  • Caravelle (single variant) - $50,990

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