Volkswagen Jetta R? VW Unveils Jetta V6 All-wheel-drive Prototype Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Nov, 08 2010 | 10 Comments


Volkswagen has hinted at a possible addition to its R line-up this week, headlining the European launch of the new Jetta sedan with a 3.6 litre V6-powered all-wheel-drive prototype.

Featuring almost identical body styling, the one-off Jetta was introduced as an example of what could lay ahead for the small sedan, although Volkswagen stopped short of naming it the Jetta R.

Speaking with Britain's Autocar magazine, Volkswagen R&D boss Ulrich Hackenberg said that while production is far from confirmed, an R-badged Jetta is under consideration - and customer feedback could help it over the line.

“If there are customers asking for it, we will do it,” Hackenberg said. “It wouldn’t be a problem for us. The Jetta’s platform can take four-wheel drive.”

In production form, the potential Jetta R would undoubtedly benefit from similar cosmetic and handling tweaks as its Golf R cousin, including larger wheels, lower and stiffer suspension and more sports-oriented styling.



Local pricing and availability has yet to be revealed, but Volkswagen Australia has confirmed to TMR that the new Jetta will arrive in Australia sometime in 2011.

[pictured: the 'regular' four-cylinder 2011 Jetta]

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