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Volkswagen Milano Taxi EV Previews E-Mobility Range Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 20 2010 | 1 Comment

SET TO DEBUT later this week at the Hanover Trade Show in Germany, Volkswagen has revealed its Milano Taxi Concept, an electric vehicle that previews the brand's upcoming E-mobility range.

Building on the styling of the Volkswagen E-Up! Concept, the cheekily named Milano is a small minivan that sports a panoramic roof and a unique three-door layout. (Alfa Romeo was forced to drop the name Milano for the successor to the 147 after protests following the closure of its Milan plant.)

On the driver's side, the door is positioned alongside the driver. On the passenger side however, the swivel-sliding door is positioned at the rear for fare-paying commuters to enter.

Where a front passenger seat would normally be found, Volkswagen has built in a luggage area, making up for the minimal rear storage space.

As with the upcoming E-mobility range, the Milano Taxi is powered by an electric motor that draws energy from a 45kWh lithium ion battery pack mounted in the floor. Volkswagen says its driving range is a fairly impressive 300km.

While the Milano Taxi is purely a concept, Volkswagen says its general design, along with the electric vehicle technology, will carry over to the E-mobility line-up.

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