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Volkswagen City Expert - The New World Car Photo:
Steane Klose | Aug, 27 2007 | 1 Comment

As previously reported by Carupdate, VW are developing a rear engined city run around named the City Expert and it is expected to make its debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show.

The project and the cars debut have recently been confirmed by Volkswagens Chairman, Dr Martin Winterkorn. Reports indicate that the City Expert will be a four-seater, and will be powered by a three-cylinder engine mounted in the rear of the car.

The original car is expected to spawn two models, the first will feature all of the standard goodies like air-conditioning, air bags, ABS and possibly ESP. Its target market will include the usual Western European countries. Priced at around €8000 or $AU14000 we would expect the City Expert to sell in serious numbers.

The second model will be squarely aimed at developing markets like India, Brazil, and China. It will be equipped with the bare minimum of accessories allowing for a super low price of €5-7000 Euros which is just $AU8-11,000!

Is this VW’s first assault on the up and coming Chinese auto industry? I hope so and know what I’d rather be driving given a choice between a VW or something Chinese!

The little rear-engined buzz boxes should become a production reality sometime in 2010. It is too early to know if the City Expert will make it to Oz but we should expect to see it if European sales of the little VW are successful.


[Source: German Car Blog]

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