Victorian Holiday Road Toll Highest In Australia Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jan, 05 2009 | 2 Comments

Victoria has scored the unenviable distinction of having the nation's highest road toll for the Christmas/New Year holiday period, with 16 people killed on the state's roads between December 19 and January 2.

Western Australia was second in the road toll rankings, with 13 fatalities recorded. Queensland and New South Wales each had 11 people die in road accidents while four people were killed in the Northern Territory. Tasmania and South Australia experienced just one fatality each and the ACT had no recorded road deaths.

While Victoria's road toll for the 2008 holiday period is one less than the previous year, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay described the deaths as "incredibly disappointing and frustrating".

"Despite our high visibility enforcement campaign, the educational campaign by TAC, the legislative changes by the government and the improvements to our roads we are still reliant on the public playing their part and changing their behaviour," Assistant Commissioner Lay said.

Drive safely, folks. Speed cameras, booze buses and police patrols alone can't keep you from getting hurt on the roads, so stay alert, drive sensibly, don't speed and definitely don't drink and drive.

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