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Mike Stevens | Apr, 16 2010 | 0 Comments

THE VICTORIAN Automobile Chamber of Commerce is calling on the Victorian Government to review the state's vehicle registration options, describing the current 12-month registration - and its costs - as a "big hit" to motorists.

Currently, the registration fees for most vehicles in Victoria - including cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles - must be payed in one lump sum, covering a 12-month period.

“An up-front, lump sum puts pressure on the household budget. For example, the total fee payable for renewing a light motor vehicle registration in Victoria is typically $516.60, $567.20 or $612.30, depending on the postcode. They are big hits to have to pay in one go,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase said.

Victoria is the only state to not offer other options for vehicle registration, with concession card holders the only motorists able to pay on a six-monthly basis.

By comparison, NSW, QLD, WA and the Northern Territory offer six and 12-month options, depending on certain conditions. In the ACT, motorists have options covering three, six or 12-month registrations, while South Australia offers three, six, nine and 12-month registrations.

Mr Purchase said that VACC is looking to the Victorian Government to consider alternative options in next month's State Budget.

“We recommend that the Government considers an alternative and user-friendly method of payment. We propose a six month payment option for vehicle owners which we believe will help spread the financial burden," Mr Purchase said.

“Australians already have various options to pay for other essential goods and services. Mortgages, rates, utilities, motor finance and insurance are all available at monthly, quarterly or half-yearly installments.

“It is not as if the infrastructure and technology are not available, after all, concession card holders in Victoria are entitled to a half yearly payment option.

Our view at TMR is that this is an overdue initiative. Our information is that VicRoads computers are not up to the task to allow part-payment of registration fees. If so, then the upcoming Victorian State Budget should address this.

In Victoria, motorists are advised of upcoming registration dues with around one or two month's notice from Vic Roads. The theory being that this allows drivers to put funds aside over time. Yeah right.

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