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Mike Stevens | Jun, 29 2009 | 0 Comments

VICTORIA POLICE MINISTER Bob Cameron has warned today that drivers caught speeding more than 70km/h over the limit could lose their cars immediately for three months, according to laws under discussion between the State Government and police.

Currently, this penalty exists for second offence incidents, while cars of first-time offenders are impounded for 48 hours.

“For those that are doing speeds in excess of 70km/h (over the limit), we do want to make a move to take cars off them longer, because we know the courts are going to be doing that in any event,” Mr Cameron said.


Mr Cameron said that the tougher penalties would join existing programs including the Hoon Hotline, as well as advertising and education.

"These laws are making people think about the consequences of driving dangerously, with just 5 per cent re-offending for a second time and less than 1 per cent having to have their car confiscated for good," Mr Cameron said.

Since the anti-hoon laws were introduced three years ago, more than 8000 vehicles have been impounded.

Bendigo stands as the 'hoon capital' of Victoria, with 300 cars impounded in the regional city since the laws came into effect - 71 more than Broadmeadows, the second-worst offending suburb.


Under the current laws, drivers can have their cars impounded for travelling at 45km/h or more over the speed limit, with the three month loss enacted on a second offence, and indefinite forfeiture on a third offence.

Figures from the State Government show that an average of six cars each day are being impounded under the anti-hoon laws. No less than 530 drivers aged between 15 and 19 had their cars impounded last year, showing that probationary drivers and - remarkably - learner drivers sit high on the hoon list.

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