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Victoria Police Impound 22 Vehicles In Overnight Hoon Blitz Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 10 2010 | 1 Comment

VICTORIA POLICE HAVE impounded 22 vehicles after an overnight blitz on 'hoon' activities in Campbellfield last night. A further five vehicles are to be impounded today.

Targeting illegal street racing, officers from five separate Traffic Management Units checked around 200 vehicles at the scene.

Along with the impounded vehicles, the Environmental Protection Authority handed out 33 notices for noise pollution, while Sherriffs recovered more than $115,000 in outstanding fines.

“This operation was intelligence based and we were very much aware of the activities planned,” Senior Sergeant Yvonne Upton said.

“Hooning has been a problem in this area and last night’s effort proves we are committed to getting these dangerous drivers off our roads.”

Five drivers were discovered to be disqualified, and five vehicles were listed as unregistered. A further 29 notices were issued for unsafe vehicles, and 10 P-plate-related offences were recorded.

Hoons weren't alone in being of interest to police, with more than 300 onlookers walked through a checkpoint and issued with $200 by-law penalties by the Hume Council.

This latest blitz follows news last month that Victoria Police has impounded over 10,000 vehicles since the state's anti-hoon laws were introduced in 2005.

Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay said the large number of impoundments could be attributed to a number of key factors.

“The hoon legislation allows police to punish these menacing drivers and hit them where it hurts,” Mr Lay said.

“For these drivers, their cars mean everything and impounding them certainly has an effect. Last year we had our lowest road toll on record.”

Mr Lay added that the State's police are now focusing even greater attention on hoons.

“The fact that we have impounded 10,000 of these hoons shows that some people have just not got the message. Speed and dangerous driver behaviour kills, and it is time for everyone, not just some, to wake up and realise that,” he said.

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