V8SC: V8 Supercars To Welcome Other Manufacturers From 2012 In 'Car Of The Future' Plan Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 30 2010 | 15 Comments

V8 SUPERCARS AUSTRALIA has this week unveiled its 'Car of the Future' plan, which will see the homegrown racing series introduce new rules and welcome new manufacturers from 2012.

While the series will remain the domain of V8 engines, the doors will open to imported cars and different capacities - provided the engine output meets regulations.

Lead by five-time champion Mark Skaife, the Car of the Future plan has been designed to both reinvigorate the series by introducing exciting new challenges, while also cutting costs and helping teams maintain a strong budget.

At the plan's unveiling this week, Skaife said that the cost of winning a championship has doubled in the past 15 years, and the ultimate goal of the CoF plan is to take the emphasis off money and which team has the most.

Under the new rules, the cost of a rolling chassis will be capped at $250,000, adding a further $50,000 for each engine - down from around $100,000.

Costs will be further cut in the long term by increasing control parts - including a control floor plan, control rear suspension and uprights, and new 18-inch control tyres.

Skaife said that even if the series is unable to attract other manufacturers, the CoF blueprint will still have a massive benefit to existing teams across the Ford and Holden camps.

“If you said in three or four years time that no other manufacturer wants to join the series, this business is still in a much better position,” Skaife said.

“You’ll have a safer car, you’ll have a lighter car, you’ll have better quality of racing, you’ll have a reduced cost base that is significantly less than today and you’ll have stakeholder viability with teams still in business.”

He said that while the 'Red versus Blue' battle has served the sport well, the changing attitude among buyers and enthusiasts meant that the series would benefit from welcoming other brands and growing the V8 Supercars supporter base as a result.

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