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UK Manufacturers And Dealers Want Germany’s Car Trade-In Incentives Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 06 2009 | 1 Comment

After Germany’s automotive sales sector reported a 21 percent increase last month, thanks for the most part to its trade-in incentive on old cars, the United Kingdom’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is pushing for the same move in the UK.

Sales of new cars in the UK are already down by a third for 2009, and many in the SMMT believe instituting a cash or value incentive for consumers to hand over their old cars and front up the cash for a new one would put a significant dent in the deficit.

Can we expect to see the same move in the Aussie market? A solid AU$5000 would be a welcome addition to anyone’s car-buying purse, and getting newer, more efficient cars on the road would be a win for everyone.

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