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Mike Stevens | Dec, 01 2010 | 1 Comment

TMR is on Twitter and Facebook. That's nothing new, of course - we've been there for a year or so. We use both services to give our readers more ways to keep up with the latest in automotive news, new model releases and reviews.

Along with our RSS feed, there's simply no better way to stay on top of the latest and most relevant news to Australian new car buyers.

In November, TMR teamed up with publisher Allen & Unwin to give two lucky 'followers' the chance to win a copy of Peter Brock: Road to Glory, the new book written by Brocky's lifelong friend Colin Fulton.

Today, those two readers have been selected at random, and they are Facebook user Patrick from New South Wales, and Twitter user Miss Marj, also from New South Wales.

The winners will both be contacted this week to arrange delivery of their prizes.


About the book

Along with photographer Terry Russell, another friend of the Australian racing hero, Fulton has put together a book that chronicles Brock's life not only as a racer, but also as a National Serviceman in the Australian Army.

Road to Glory offers a glimpse at the parts of Brock's life rarely visited in the media, including the failure of his first marriage, a number of arrests and his involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement.

With the help of Brock's family and friends, Fulton and Russell have put together a comprehensive exploration of the events that shaped Brock's life, from childhood through to his first victory in The Great Race in 1972.

Peter Brock: Road To Glory is written by Colin Fulton and published by Allen & Unwin. Click here to visit the book's page on the Allen & Unwin website.


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