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Steane Klose | Jun, 23 2007 | 2 Comments

Toyota continue to steadily fuel the anticipation surrounding the pending official release of their TRD Aurion. This time the Toyota press release hints at a combined engine and supercharger package that is performing ahead of expectations.

TRD chief engineer Stephen Castles is now referring to a target power output of ‘at least’ 235kW for the 3.5-litre dual VVT-i V6 engine and he went on to confirm that final acceleration times are even better than predicted.

The TRD Aurion will be the world’s first production car to use the new Eaton twin-vortices supercharger (TVS) which has been engineered by Melbourne based Harrop Engineering, well known for their top-shelf high quality product and attention to detail.

Mr Castles said that the results have not only exceeded expectations but they have been achieved whilst maintaining Toyota’s required levels of quality, durability and reliability or QDR.

"The total engine performance is definitely one of the key positives of the TRD Aurion package. The TVS unit has performed really well and definitely helped deliver the engine performance we need." Mr Castles said.

The new Eaton supercharger unit does not require an intercooler, substantially reduces engine noise and improves power and torque from idle unlike a turbocharger which requires exhaust gas velocity to spin the turbine.

The base 3.5-litre V6 appears to have impressed TRD and their engine calibration partner Orbital Engine Company.

"It was a great benefit to have such a well-designed, sophisticated and well-built engine to work with from the start. Our engine calibration partner Orbital was surprised at how well the components stood up after putting it through some rigorous testing”, noted Mr Castles

Not having heard much from the Orbital Engine Company for some time, it is interesting to note their involvement which includes testing, component development and engine calibration according to the press release.

No mention was made in the press release of the progress with development work on the TRD Aurion’s FWD chassis. We still feel that 235kW+ is a lot to put through the front wheels on any car…

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