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Steane Klose | Apr, 19 2007 | 0 Comments

Whatever you do...don't mention the FWD

It seems that Toyota are planning on pitching their upcoming TRD Aurion to the likes of Subaru and Volkswagen buyers. In fact David Buttner, Toyota’s senior executive of sales and marketing thinks if you hanker for an R32 Golf or lust after a Subaru Liberty GT Spec B then the TRD Aurion may be just the performance car you are looking for.

TRD Aurion looks great but needs to convince that FWD is up to the task

Why is this so? Well it would be because the TRD Aurion will provide an optimal blend of performance, refinement and handling along with quality, durability and reliability…according to Buttner. I don’t think he was yawning when he said it.

So does that mean it has AWD like the Subaru Liberty GT Spec B and the Golf R32 to provide it with comparable power down and handling characteristics. Unfortunately no…it doesn’t.

Instead the TRD Aurion will be doing its best to get its expected 235Kw’s to the pavement through just the front wheels.

It would seem that Toyota consider the TRD Aurion to be more sophisticated than the FPV’s and HSV’s of this world. Or is it that they are just concerned that direct comparisons will have them coming up short?

The big question mark hanging over the TRD Aurion is that it is FWD. I don’t think many people expect the rest of the car to be anything but up to standard. How it handles and how it gets its power to the ground are the big 'ifs'.

I the meantime I doubt the people at HSV and FPV will be overly concerned.

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