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Steane Klose | Apr, 25 2007 | 0 Comments


Toyota overtakes GM as worlds largest car maker

In the first quarter of 2007 the massive maker of automotive 'white goods' produced 2.35 million cars exceeding GM by 90,000 units.

Toyota have achieved this by being fixated on quality and believing that if their product is the best quality available for the price then the sales will follow...and they were right.

I am somewhat relieved to learn that quality is the reason behind Toyota's phenomenal success as I was starting to think all it really alluded to was the average motorist being a boring sod with no taste.

It appears that the average motorist in the US is tired of the rubbish that GM and Ford have served them up for so long. Lets not forget that Toyota is also perceived to be a 'green' auto manufacturer thanks to the Prius Hybrid and small cars like the Corolla. Landcruiser and Tundra should only be mentioned with a whisper at this point.

Thankfully in Australia the situation is the opposite with good product and some of the worlds most attractive family sedans being built by local manufacturers...for the time being at least. Although it should be noted that Toyota in Australia has the largest range of vehicles and overall sells more cars than Holden or Ford.

Toyota world domination is now a reality. I wonder how long we have before we all start to look the same, dress the same and get to chose between a white Camry or a white Corolla for our next new car. Rather scary...isn't it.

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