Toyota Hybrid Camry To Compete In 2010 Targa Tasmania Photo:
2010 Toyota Hybrid Camry - Targa Tasmania Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 12 2010 | 12 Comments

LAUNCHED ONLY two months ago, the 2010 Toyota Hybrid Camry is set for an unlikely debut as a competitor in this year's Targa Tasmania.

Mark Perry, Event Director for Targa Tasmania said that while the Hybrid Camry will be the only car of its type in this year's event, its presence marks the beginning of efforts to make Targa Tasmania more environmentally-conscious in the future.

“At Targa Tasmania we recognise the contemporary emphasis on low CO2 emissions,” Mr Perry said.

“In fact, we have a mandate to become carbon neutral by 2011; only one of the reasons why we’ve introduced a Hybrid Category for competitors.”

To be driven by experienced campaigner Paul Whittaker, the Hybrid Camry will be covered end-to-end in the signatures of nearly 2000 employees at Toyota's Altona manufacturing plant. More signatures will be collected from Toyota's Tasmanian workers along the way.

Whittaker said that the Hybrid Camry is expected to be competitive - in its own way.

“While we do not expect to be slow during the event, we are, in effect, on an economy run," Mr Whittaker said.

“So while we will demonstrate the good handling and performance of the car, we will be focussing on using as little biodegradable fuel as possible across the six days of Targa.”

With a combined output of 140kW, the Hybrid Camry's driveline is made up of a 2.4 litre VVTi engine with two sets of planetary gears, two electric motors/generators and a counter gear to drive the differential.

Fuel consumption is listed at 6.0 l/100km, and Toyota claims commuters could save as much as 1100 litres of fuel each year by driving a Hybrid Camry, and drive up to 1083km before needing to refuel.

Click here to read TMR's First Drive Review of the 2010 Toyota Hybrid Camry. Watch this space for our full Road Test Review in the coming weeks.

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