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Steane Klose | May, 29 2007 | 0 Comments

We won’t dwell on this for too long but we do need to break-up all of the ‘small-car’ news of the recent day or so. We all know that there is no better way to do that than ponder some good old-fashioned unsubstantiated rumours from the dark recesses of the internet.

According to he (or she) who knows Toyota are intending to use the Toyota FT-HS as the basis for the next Supra. We kinda already knew that but word is that this will actually happen…maybe.

The standard version will be powered by a tuned version of the 3.5-litre engine currently found in the IS350 and should produce around 245kw which will see it staring down the Nissan 350Z.


The big news (rumour) is that there will be a V6 hybrid variant that will use a tweaked version of the GS450h drivetrain and pack upwards of 300kw. Hardly big news in the power-stakes these days but expect plenty of low-down electric motor torque and a fair dash of fuel efficiency thrown in for good measure. Yes, that means a 'look at us aren't we green' hero car and you can just imagine the miles of smiles in Toyotas marketing department as they ponder this possibility.

Expect a possible 2008 preview of a redesigned production version of the FT-HS. No doubt a little less 4-wheeled stealth bomber and a little more...Supra.

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