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Steane Klose | Nov, 21 2007 | 6 Comments

The open speed limits on Germany’s Autobahns have been under attack in recent times with the latest claim being that the introduction of a maximum speed limit (130kmh) would reduce emissions, slow global warming and stem the soon to rise seas. Oddly, a voice of reason has emanated from non-other than Toyota of Germany. Markus Schrick, vice president of Toyota Deutschland had the following to say to Automotive News Europe.

“Being able to drive without restrictions on the autobahns is the unique selling point for Germany.”

Schrick went on to say that a fixed speed limit would do little to reduce CO2 emissions - like I said, a voice of reason. As if reducing Autobahn speeds would make any worthwhile difference.


Now this is really quite an interesting stance for a company like Toyota, the worlds largest manufacturer of automotive white goods and what it highlights is a change of attitude, due mainly to Toyota’s move back into the performance car realm with their new Lexus IS-F and the upcoming V10 Lexus supercar based on the LF-A Concept.

The Automotive News Europe article also revealed Toyota’s plan to re-introduce the Celica sports coupe into Europe in 2009. The Celica name-plate was last seen in 2005 and was representative of capable but boring FWD four-cylinder coupes. Lets hope this time around they take a leaf out of Hyundai’s book and use a RWD chassis with something reasonable under the hood – and then bring it to Australia.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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