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Mike Stevens | Nov, 03 2008 | 8 Comments

This Sunday just gone (UK time) saw the return of the one true Top Gear to British television sets, and to computer screens of net-savvy fans around the world this morning. Let me tell you: they’ve still got it.

Clarkson pits the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 against the Porsche 911 GT2 – describing the latter as “terrifying”. The Stig’s in-car soundtrack this season looks to be morse code – and I reckon the first TMR reader that can tell us what the code was in this week’s episode will win themselves… bloody nothing. Enjoy that.

The boys kicked off the challenges this season with a mission that required each of them to spend five grand on the best trucks they could find (proper trucks, mind you - of the freight variety)… and then race them. Of course, the usual ridiculous stunts and tests apply.


Above: Trucker’s Arm Stig!

And for those who’ve been keeping track of the Dacia Sandero… Bad news!

What else is on for Top Gear this season? You’ve no doubt seen the trailer for what lies ahead, but here’s a quick rundown anyway.

From what we could gather from both the trailer and the quick preview shown at the start of Sunday’s episode…

  • The boys will be off to China at some point (where they’ll encounter The Stig’s communist cousin, Red Stig).
  • Another trip to the US is on the cards where they’ll hoon along a desert road in a Dodge Challenger, Corvette, and Cadillac CTS-V.
  • Some bus racing appears to be on the dance card, including the long stretchy types, and a double-decker.
  • The Lexus IS-F faces off against the BMW M3
  • Hammond plods along on a pink (including the tyres) motorcycle.
  • Clarkson pulls a burnout in front of an American police cruiser.
  • Yet another poor pickup gets dropped from on high.
  • A ramp jump is undertaken in a regular sedan – with a caravan attached.
  • May faces up to The Stig as they pit the Zonda against the Veyron


Season 12 preview:

Looks like season 12 will be a goodun, as always.

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