Steane Klose | Nov, 18 2008 | 33 Comments

Last night's episode of Top Gear Australia capped off what has been an interesting and challenging first season for Charlie, Steve, Warren and the viewing public alike. Love it or hate it, 'Season 2' is on the way, with SBS committed to bringing us a new season of Aussie Top Gear next year.

Last night's episode had such potential, but the subject being discussed at many an office water cooler this-morning was, how did they manage to get a trip to Tassie in some of the world's best GT cars so horribly wrong? None of us doubt how amazing a trip like that would be, but where was the entertainment value? Where was the adventure? It was like a movie without a plot.

The middle portion of each episode ('What were they thinking?', 'Star in a bog standard car'), continues to be overly long (and painful) so it was a very welcome change of pace when Charlie managed to follow it up with a half decent review of the XF Jaguar. The Jag might be old news now but the review itself wasn't a bad one.

Round two of red vs blue (Holden vs Ford) actually produced a winner this time with the boys going out on a limb to select the FG Falcon XT as the superior of the two large family hacks. Sure they could have put in some more real-world family oriented tests, but at least they had the backbone to award a clear victory this time around. Do we really need a 'Round 3' anytime soon?

Episode 8 came to a close as Charlie turned up the patriotism and implored viewers to support our local manufacturers, a worthy message, but one obscured by its rather over-the-top delivery (what WAS he thinking?).

jeremy_clarkson_unhappyYou just wouldn't see Jezza carrying on like that...

Top Gear Australia definitely needs some work. It's also no secret that Top Gear UK needed plenty of work before the Clarkson, Hammond and May freight train found the right track.

It's not all doom and gloom for the Aussie series either, with the viewer base proving to be reasonably consistent throughout the season (check the stats below) but it could all come to a screeching halt if Season 2 doesn't show signs of improvement early on.

We're all for an Aussie Top Gear but let's be honest, we all know it can be done better. So tell us what you think, what needs to be done to make Top Gear Australia Season 2 a ratings winner for all the right reasons.

Weekly Ratings For Top Gear Australia

  • Episode 8 662,000 viewers Ranked 25 Nationally
  • Episode 7 612,000 viewers Ranked 27 Nationally
  • Episode 6 653,000 viewers Ranked 24 Nationally
  • Episode 5 435,000 viewers Ranked 32 Nationally
  • Episode 4 598,000 viewers Ranked 25 Nationally
  • Episode 3 668,000 viewers Ranked 24 Nationally
  • Episode 2 674,000 viewers Ranked 26 Nationally
  • Episode 1 933,000 viewers Ranked 13 Nationally

Thanks again Ian!

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