Third Teaser Pic Revealed, Mystery Lambo To Be Called "Urus"? Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Sep, 25 2008 | 4 Comments

Lamborghini has released a third teaser image of its big Paris show-stopper, this time revealing a very Reventon-inspired tail light cluster and yet more clues about the mysterious all-new Lambo.

Firstly, this new image practically confirms the new Lamborghini will have its engine up front - witness the rather prominent shut line for what can only be a (relatively) large boot. This, in conjunction with the second teaser image that showed a long nose and fender-mounted venting, suggests that the mystery car eschews a supercar-friendly (but severely un-compromising) mid-engined platform in favour of a far more practical front-engined layout.

There's a distinct Reventon flavour in the design of Lamborghini's show car: those LED tail lights, angular rear diffuser and exhaust outlet suggest the aerospace-inspired Murcielago variant is still a favourite in the Italian automaker's design department.

While Lamborghini is slowly trickling out more puzzle pieces of the upcoming show car, they're remaining silent on what it'll actually be called. However, it's been revealed that Lamborghini has registered the name "Urus" and reserved the domain name "lamborghini-urus.com", leading many to speculate that this is the chosen name for the Paris show car.

What does Urus mean, you ask? Well, the Urus was a very large long-horned European ox that roamed parts of Europe before becoming extinct in 1627. Interesting.

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