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Mike Stevens | Jun, 15 2008 | 8 Comments

As more and more drivers find their way on to the intarwebs, the greater the average person's understanding of car technology is becoming. Hell, my only real interest in cars has always been design and the driving itself, but even I can tell you how an engine works. ...Sort of.

So with more people now holding a greater understanding of what makes a good car, and what makes for a good driving experience, the more manufacturers are starting to find themselves forced to offer you more for your money than they might otherwise be inclined.

Give me a bloody example, you command? Right then.

It looks like Honda are prepping a rear-wheel-drive version of the Acura RL—known in Australia as the Honda Legend. Traditionally a FWD car, the Legend has always been a popular car among those looking for luxury and features without needing to take out a mortage on their arms and legs. The latest iteration of the Legend offered Honda's "Super Handling All Wheel Drive" (SH-AWD), which while perfectly reasonable, only served to increase the Legend's pervading "car for old folks" image.

Now though comes the news that, with the apparent testing of a RWD V8-powered Legend, Honda's decided they'd like to take a slice out of the pie that BMW, Audi, and Mercedes have been hooking into for some time.

Early speculation has claimed that while Honda is looking more and more likely to drop the FWD format in favour of RWD (and the hero status that follows it everywhere), the inside word is that the new Legend will be packing around 350kw of 8 cylinder heat—even if only as an option.

With the upcoming RWD models from Toyota, Subaru, and Hyundai, it looks as though Asia is set to make a strong and solid return to the West's favourite format. Ah who am I kidding. Japan have never let go of RWD; it's only the western markets that they ever stopped bothering in. Have you ever taken a good look at the Japanese market? If you saw the spec level of some of the cars we don't get, you'd be lining up outside your favourite Japanese manufacturer with a bazooka.

[via JDMpire via Temple of VTEC]

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