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Tesla Model S 60 Returns As New Entry-Level Model S Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Jun, 10 2016 | 1 Comment

Tesla fans in Australia who would like to become customers will now find the dream of Model S ownership is a little more within reach.

The EV-maker has essentially relaunched its previous entry-level Model S 60 as a new entry-level variant, but this time a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive S 60 D is also available.

The 60 with its 60kWh battery pack replaces the 70 as the cheapest Model S globally. In something of a ‘twist’, it was the 70 that had previously replaced the 60 as Tesla sought to continually improve the Model S.

But as 70 prices slipped beyond $120,000 plus on-roads, with pricing compounded as the Model S is at the mercy of the dreaded Luxury Car Tax (LCT), Tesla responded by reintroducing the 60 at the new starting price of $100,800 plus on-roads.

That price is strictly for ACT residents, where the Model S is cheapest to buy and register thanks to a tiny government incentive which sees today’s drive-away price sit at $109,465. Western Australia with its weight-based registration scheme is the most expensive at $116,148 drive-away.

Unlike the original Model S 60, however, buyers second time around can choose to add a second electric motor bringing AWD to their luxury sedans to form the Model S 60D for an extra $7500.

In another ‘twist’, Model S 60 buyers can essentially ‘leapfrog’ the outgoing 70 by opting for a new 75kWh battery pack (delivered as a software upgrade) for an additional $12,800 - or $13,500 should they choose to upgrade after initial order and delivery.

Maximum range for the 60 is rated at around 400km, and the 100km/h mark arrives from rest in 5.8 seconds with a top speed of 210km/h.

The range rises slightly to 408km for the dual-motor 60D, and is boosted to 480km with the 75kWh upgrade (up 19 percent) and 490km for the 75D.

Tesla reminds customers who place an order for the reintroduced 60 that the refreshed Model S styling (pictured) is part of the package, and that the ‘true’ price is reduced against its rivals when fuel savings throughout the ownership experience are considered.

Likewise, a simpler maintenance schedule further reduces cost-of-ownership, and the battery pack is covered by an eight-year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

The cheapest Model S also doesn’t exclude owners from the remainder of Tesla’s benefits, including free lifetime access to the Supercharging network and free over-the-air software updates.

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