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Brad Leach | Mar, 21 2017 | 0 Comments

For the second time, Tesla is giving the boot to the Model S 60 - its $114,100 (plus on-road costs) entry-level model.

Last orders, worldwide, will be taken on 16 April.

The 60 stands for 60kWh battery life, and Tesla tried to can the Model S 60 some time ago when the Model S 70 was first launched as most Model S buyers were, in fact, opting to pay more and secure (at the time) the 80 and 85 models (which became the 90 and the 100).

However, there was an outcry and the Model S 60 was returned to the local lineup.

Now, the Tesla Model S 60 is definitely on its last legs and, after 16 April, the entry-level Model S will be the 75 ($131,572).

Tesla points-out: “Any 60 kWh Model S (owners) will have the ability to upgrade their battery to 75 kWh via an over-the-air update.”

Those looking to secure a Model S 60 are urged to get in quick.

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